Chandrababu Naidu addresses rally with Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee

Kejriwal and Banerjee appealed to people to vote for Naidu. Banerjee challenged the PM to a presidential style debate.

Mar 31, 2019, 09.34 PM IST




unity, Andhra Pradesh chief minister

Chandrababu Naidu

addressed a massive rally with his Delhi and West Bengal counterparts

Arvind Kejriwal


Mamata Banerjee



daring Prime Minister Narendra


to step in Andhra Pradesh and seek votes after denying special status to the southern state.

Speaking at Indira Priyadarshini Municipal Stadium, Naidu lashed out at Modi for cheating Andhra Pradesh. “It was on this very stage in 2014 when Narendra Modi and I sat and addressed you all. And you saw how he went back on all the promises he made to you here. How dare he come to Andhra Pradesh and seek your vote again? You should ensure BJP does not come to power again.”

As the crowd of thousands in the packed stadium roared in support, Naidu said, “I am sure BJP candidates will lose their deposits. They wont ever be able to make good the losses they incur chartering all these expensive planes.”

Reacting to Modi’s statement calling him “U turn CM”, Naidu said, “Modi is a split personality. Whoever stands up to him he cuts the funds. He has refused to give money to West Bengal and Delhi, just as he refused us the special status after promising it.”

Kejriwal and Banerjee appealed to people to vote for Naidu. Banerjee challenged the PM to a presidential style debate. She said, “We challenge the Prime Minister, come and debate with us. You from one side and anyone from Opposition. I am willing to take you on. We wont bring teleprompters and prepared speeches. We will reply directly to the people’s questions.”

Unleashing an “Oust Modi” war cry, the opposition leaders addressed the first joint rally in the state. Kejriwal said, “Our country is going through an Emergency-like situation. The duo of Modi and Amit Shah has ruined the country. In Delhi the ED and CBI and Income Tax department have been unleashed on common people. There are raids to terrorise people.”

The opposition leader underlined that most important step for people is to vote out “a lying PM”. “Over the last 70 years, Pakistan has just one dream — to divide our country. What Pakistan couldn’t do in 70 years, the duo has done in 5 years,” said Kejriwal.

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