Brentwood Search Has a New High in Recruiting Key Strategy Partners for a Record Year in Mergers and Acquisitions

“At Brentwood Search, we recruit that necessary talent,” said Managing Partner, Marcia Basichis. “We assure the right match that will enhance the strategy teams and the corresponding financial units so that they will maintain a significant competitive advantage.”

April 02, 2019

Brentwood Search recorded a new high in placing key strategy executives through 2018, where, according to the New York Times, the first half proved a record year for mergers and acquisitions. Brentwood Search, the retained search and headhunting group, headquartered in El Segundo, California recruited candidates for critical roles in strategy and finance in the media entertainment industry as well a private equity venture capital, technology, and banking.

“It was a competitive market for mergers and acquisitions,” said Brentwood Search Managing Partner, Marcia Basichis. “This year may prove even more competitive. The evolving global ecosystem is experiencing an intense period of consolidation. Large companies are buying up the smaller companies. So it is incumbent that a business strategy team be staffed with the absolute best talent in order to understand this rapid transformation and make the vital choices for acquisition that will assure not just moderate growth but substantial corporate growth.”

“At Brentwood Search, we recruit that necessary talent,” said Basichis. “We work all over the country engaging with both our corporate clients and prospective candidates to assure the right match that will enhance the strategy teams and the corresponding financial units so that they will coordinate effectively to develop and maintain a significant competitive advantage. It is vital that a client recognizes their business will rise or fall on the quality of the people they hire to plan and execute their strategy.”

Basichis pointed out that she once was a senior executive in the entertainment industry and had developed such hit shows as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, which took Spelling Entertainment from their economic doldrums to new heights as an international media giant. She noted she later moved into the business world, first in media and technological convergence, and then into the financial sector, placing senior executives in strategy and financial services for major media and entertainment groups as well as venture capital, private equity, and the ever expanding technology sector.

“I have worked in Hollywood and live and work in what is known as the Silicon Beach, the major hub for technology, finance, and entertainment for Southern California,” said Basichis. I have placed executives in the Silicon Valley and other key technology centers. I know how they integrate and keep ahead of the curve in understanding how they will all converge and how they will expand in this rapidly changing landscape.

“As a retained search headhunter, I find the candidates who have the expertise to assure future growth for any related business,” said Basichis. “In this year, we will see even more video content than ever before. And the new media platforms for social media will both market and support this content. Clients will need people to find related acquisitions and continue developing the ecosystem that wll boost them further into this space. I am here to help them.”

About: Brentwood Search is an El Segundo based retained recruiting services firm specializing in private equity, venture capital, finance, entertainment, and the digital media and energy sectors. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as middle market and startup entities through California and nationally. For more information, go to

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Author: Prakash Poojary

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